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Biomed Superwhite Gentle Coconut Whitening Toothpaste 100g

  • BIOMED SUPERWHITE: Fluoride-Free, SLES-Free, PEG-Free, Synthetic-Free and Saccharin-Free.
  • Superwhite with Natural Coconut Oil and 100 gr.
  • Natural Toothpaste (97%) and Natural Certified (Biorius).
  • Vegan Friendly, Vegan Certification and Gluten-Free Certification.
  • Fresh Breath, Remove Dental Plaque, Whitening and Strengthening.
Superwhite with Natural Coconut Oil and Papain. The combination of Coconut Oil, Cinnamon Extract and Thyme Essential Oil provide unique spicy taste. Contains Vitamins E, K. PP Carotin. Fluoride-free, vegan-friendly. 98% natural. Free from: fluoride, chlorhexidine, triclosan and other strong antiseptics, SLS/SLES, parabens, aggressive whitening and abrasive components.

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