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Bingo Paper Game Cards - 4 Cards - 10 Sheets - 50 Books - 8 Inch Square Size Disposable Sheet - Made in USA

  • BINGO BOOKS! These wonderful bingo books are just like you’d find at your local bingo hall, casino, and/or your just for fun bingo game amongst your friends. Each pack comes with 50, 10- card books.
  • HIGH QUALITY! Our bingo books are the industry’s highest quality of newsprint paper manufactured by American Games. Great for regular bingo games, fundraisers, family gatherings, picnics, company contests, and more.
  • 5 COLORS! Our bingo books are glued together in the standard bingo sequence: Starting from the top bingo sheet, the colors go Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Olive, Brown, Red, Purple. No two cards will be the same as long as everyone plays the same color at the same time.
  • DISPOSABLE BINGO PAPER! These bingo sheets are meant to be marked with bingo daubers (or other bingo marker) and disposed after your bingo game is finished. They are just like the bingo paper used for most bingo games and are not meant to be reused.
  • Made in the USA using domestic materials

Bingo Paper Game Cards - 4 cards - 10 sheets - 50 books - 8 Inch Square Size Disposable Sheet - Made in USA

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