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Battery Watering Technologies - Direct Fill Link

  • Standard direct fill link for North America that works with BWT watering systems that have the 09MBLU1 or 09MBLU2 quick connects.
  • Built-in flow indicator and pressure regulator that reduces pressure down to 10 PSI.
  • Brand: Battery Watering Technologies
Size: **BWT connector**
The Direct Fill Link is smaller and less cumbersome to handle than traditional
watering guns. Its ergonomic streamlined design makes it comfortable and easy
to use. Unlike traditional watering guns, the handle is designed to completely
halt the flow of water to the battery watering system when it is not being
operated. There is no chance that the battery will continue to be filled if
the user walks away while filling. The flow indicator is encased in PVC pipe
making it extremely durable. The flow rate is fast enough for the largest
batteries, yet gentle enough to fill accurately each and every time. The
Direct Fill Link reduces water pressure to 10 PSI and will handle incoming
pressure up to 100 PSI. Connect it to a standard garden hose, watch for the
flow indicator to stop spinning, then disconnect it from the system.

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