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BAODELI 14 Colors 30ml Tattoo Ink Set - Permanent Tattoo Ink for 3D and Traditional Tattoos - Vibrant Tattoo Pigment for Tattoo Artists - Tattoo Ink Kit with 14 Shades of Color.

  • BAODELI Tattoo Ink Set contains 14 colors for permanent 3D tattoos.
  • Enhance your tattoo artwork with BAODELI's high-quality pigment ink.
  • Ideal for professional and amateur tattoo artists looking for reliable ink supplies.
  • Create stunning and unique tattoo designs with BAODELI's premium colored tattoo ink.
  • Package include:1/2oz(30ml)/ Bottle,Total 14-Bottles
Package includes:

BAODELITattoo inks are professional tattoo pigment colors. Every ink is positive for tattoo artists.

All pigments neither delaminate nor fade. Every gram of pigment is completely soluble in water, showing very fast coloring.

The skin absorbs the pigment easily, the color does not fade after repair, and the color is very positive.

All pigments are sterilized (by gamma radiation)

Packing: 14 colors/set

Capacity: 1/2oz (30ml)/bottle

14 colors,

include: Color:

Golden Yellow,
Lemon Yellow,

Light green,

.Bright Red,

Light blue

Light Purple,



Lined black,

Mint Green


Bright Orange,

Barbie pink

Type: Unknown Type