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Atomic Fireballs Cinnamon Flavored Candy, 240 Individually Wrapped Pieces, 4.05 Pound Tub

  • RED HOT FLAVOR: Atomic Fireballs are the original super intense cinnamon jawbreaker candy that will leave you wanting more; Exhilarate your taste buds with their seriously fiery cinnamon sweetness
  • ADD SOME SPICE TO YOUR LIFE: Can be added to a candy bowl or snack station for a fun and unique treat option.
  • CAN YOU HANDLE THE HEAT: These mouth-igniting sweat-inducing sweets give you a red hot experience that keeps you coming back; We dare you to eat as many as you can manage; How much hot can you handle?
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: Atomic Fireballs are individually wrapped in this bulk bag, making them perfect for sharing with friends; Throw a few Fireballs in your pocket to take their red hot flavor with you anywhere
  • WE DARE YOU: Atomic Fireballs stand out among jawbreakers for their slow burn on the tongue, which builds to just short of unbearable without losing its grip on sweet

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