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AMERICAN HUNTER 50 LB Hanging Feeder Hunting Durable Lightweight Camo Metal Game Feeder with Automatic Delivery System with XD-Pro Kit

  • 50 LB HANGING FEEDER - Providing key food sources year-round is paramount to ensuring the animal populations thrive; American Hunter 50 LB Hanging Feeder with Automatic Delivery System is perfect for more control over feeding schedules
  • BEST CONSTRUCTION - This 50 LB Hanging Feeder by American Hunter for avid hunters is made durable and features an easy open lid; It incorporates the metal hanger that delivers easy mount and has a concealing camo pattern
  • XD-PRO FEEDER KIT - XD-Pro kit features a metal varmint guard with an optional shocking circuit; It is also pre-wired for Varmint Zapper Module Activator, Solar Panel, and Remote Activator - not included; Recommended DE-30045 battery - not included
  • SCHEDULED FEED - This delivery system with a metal spin plate comes with a digital timer; It features Q-Sets - 2 Preconfigured settings for easy setup, an adjustable feed rate of 1-60 seconds, and allows to feed 1 to 16 times per day
  • ULTIMATE DEER FEEDER - The health and viability of your deer herd depend on the nutrients and foodstuffs you're providing at feeding stations throughout the season, as well as how much you're throwing down for them to enjoy
  • Includes metal hopper analog clock timer and guard
  • Feeds 1 to 24 times per day
  • Adjustable feed rate
  • Pre-wired for accessories
  • Portable pound hanging feeder

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