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A.C. Legg Blend 10 Pork Sausage Seasoning, 2 Packs - 8 Ounce each

  • AC Legg Pork Sausage Blend #10
  • 8 Oz bags - 2 Pack
  • Each bag seasons 25lbs of meat (one order seasons 50lbs)
  • MSG Free
  • Our most popular pork sausage seasoning. A true “Southern Style” seasoning. It has a relatively high level of sage, red pepper and black pepper. Some red pepper is crushed to be visible in the finished product.
  • Brand: AC Legg, Inc
Mix 1 bag with 25-lbs. of approx 80/20 lean pork Can also be used to season
beef, deer, elk or other game meat (cut game meat with 50% pork for best
flavor and fat content). Empty bag of seasoning into the 25 lbs. of cubed meat
and mix thoroughly. Stuff the sausage into natural casings for links or
freezer bags. Reduced amounts: 1 oz/2 tblsp. of seasoning for 3 lbs. of Meat.

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