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6 Denture Reline Kits Denture Reline- ProSoft Reliner-liner For loose Dentures

  • 6 ProSoft Denture Reline Zinc and Phthalate free!
  • Fda Cleared for OTC (over-the-counter) Use only by Perma Laboratories
  • Durable, flexible and soft.
  • Everything you need for a great fitting denture!
  • Softer, more flexible reliner! Long-Lasting Comfort and Fit!
ProSoft Denture Reliner for OTC. Three boxes, with 2 relines in each box. ProSoft is zinc free, long-lasting and comfortable for both new denture wearers and those who have had dentures for years. The soft formula provides the suction needed to keep your dentures in place without causing sore spots. Gentle on the gums and works as a tissue conditioner which is beneficial to those with newly extracted teeth. Lasts for several months until you can see a dentist.

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