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24" Venom Blowguns .40 Cal Made in USA

  • Quality Venom Blowguns Black .40 Cal Anodized Finish
  • Dart holder and Stunner Holder and Dart Guard
  • Anti Inhale Mouthpiece
  • 16 Sharp Metal Wire Target Darts with 8 Stunner darts
  • 24 Inches in Length by Venom Blowguns, Made in USA
  • Brand: Venom Blowguns
  • Color: Venom Blowguns
  • Model: 24_fi_16darts
Quality .40 Cal black anodized 24" Venom Blowguns with 16 target darts and 8
Stunner's. Features a lightweight aluminum barrel, anti inhale mouthpiece.
Ammo holder's included along with Dart guard. Muzzle guard completes your
blowgun to protect the opening.

Type: Unknown Type