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20% Hydroxytyrosol Complex™ Olive Fruit Extract - Super Strength 100% Grown & Extracted in Spain. 100 mg, 90 Capsules. from Island Nutrition, The Maker of Real European Olive Leaf Extract.

  • HYDROXYTYROSOL vs OLEUROPEIN — Hydroxytyrosol can work better for people with unhealthy gut flora. Hydroxytyrosol has more medical studies. Take Hydroxytyrosol to boost your Oleuropein supplement.
  • HOLISTIC — 100mg standardized for 16% Pure Hydroxytyrosol and for 20% Hydroxytyrosol Complex, including many related polyphenls found in extra virgin olive oil, such as Tyrosol, Oleacein and Oleocanthal.
  • AUTHENTIC — Made from true Mediterranean olive trees (Olea Europaea). Beware cheap Chinese olive leaf, which is often mislabeled as Olea Europaea but is a completely different plant (Canarium Album).
  • SUPER-STRENGTH — Supports cardiovascular health, immunity, and Mediterranean diet benefits.
  • PREMIUM SOURCE — Harvested on family-run Spanish olive farms. Processed in Spain using traditional extraction (no chemicals). Made by Island Nutrition, maker of premium supplements since 1995.
  • Brand: Island Nutrition
**20% Hydroxytyrosol Complex**
This is an Olive FRUIT Extract with a broad range of the polyphenols found in
Olive Leaf Extract and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Olive FRUIT is a superior
source for some polyphenol extracts compared to Olive LEAF.
This product is standardized to contain at least 16% PURE Hydroxytyrosol. It
is also standardized for at least 20% Hydroxytyrosol COMPLEX, which includes
both Hydroxytyrosol and related polyphenols such as Tyrosol, Oleacein and
Like all of our olive extracts, this extract comes from the true Mediterranean
olive tree ( _Olea europaea_ ) and is grown and extracted in Spain.
**Hydroxytyrosol vs Oleuropein – which is best?**
For most people, **“Real European Olive Leaf Extract” by Island Nutrition** is
the best choice. It is standardized for 25% Oleuropein and has a broad range
of olive polyphenols, including hydroxytyrosol complex. It is far superior to
ordinary olive leaf extracts, and each capsule has as much polyphenol content
as 1/3-liter of extra virgin olive oil.
HOWEVER, in some cases our 20% Hydroxytyrosol Complex is a superior choice:
Healthy intestinal bacteria converts some Oleuropein to Hydroxytyrosol, which
provides many of the health benefits associated with Olive Oil. If intestinal
bacteria is unhealthy, it is better to directly take Hydroxytyrosol instead of
Hydroxytyrosol has an olive-like smell and taste, so the powder can be emptied
from the capsule to use as a tea or mixed in food. On the other hand,
Oleuropein has a strong bitter taste and generally must be taken in capsules.
There are more medical studies for Hydroxytyrosol than for Oleuropein. If you
have researched the medical literature and determined that Hydroxytyrosol is
better for a particular condition compared to Oleuropein, then this 20%
Hydroxytyrosol Complex is a great option.

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