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15x Magnifying Mirror with Light & Tweezers - Lighted Makeup Mirror with Strong Magnification for Precise Makeup, Plucking, Lighted Magnified Mirror w/Suction Cup for Bathroom, Dual Power , 8"

  • 15X INTENSIVE MAGNIFICATION - This is an extremely close-up mirror ideal for detailed makeup application and especially helpful for people with imperfect vision. As the magnification is very intense, you need to stay close to the mirror, approximately 3 inches.
  • LIGHTING ADJUSTABLE - The magnifying mirror with light can help you see the details much more clearly, and the light can be easily adjusted by long pressing the touch sensor.
  • BORN FOR BEAUTY HACKS - You can use this magnified mirror for precise facial care, eyebrow tweezing, or cleaning clogged pores and blemishes.
  • DUAL POWER SUPPLY - Alternative charging always brings you convenience. It can be powered by 4x AAA batteries or just plug in the cable, but there is no internal battery, so it is NOT RECHARGEABLE.
  • STRONG SUCTION CUP - We have improved the suction cup for easy mounting and secure attachment to any smooth and clean surface like glass, ceramic, acrylic, or polished marble. You can press the suction cup firmly against the bathroom wall and lock it.
  • SWEET TWEEZERS COMPACT - The package comes with one high-quality mirror with 15x magnification for precise makeup and one high-end stainless steel tweezers for plucking eyebrows.
  • THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW - This mirror helps make sure everything on your face is exactly how and where it should be, but it is not suitable for use while applying makeup. The 15X magnification is very powerful, so you need to stay very close to the mirror, nearly 4 inches.
  • Love Reminder for Mom - Mom is always the person we care about. If your mom's eyesight is not so good, bring her the utility magnifying mirror and tell her how to use it. She would be very happy and appreciated for your love.
Good Choice for Mother's Day Gift, Better Than Flowers?

Between You and the Mirror.

You have other mirrors. Not like this one, but you have it.
You need that for a certain purpose.
Plucking your eyebrows to a perfect shape, precise detailed makeup application to be gorgeous.
This mirror is something else.
Strong magnification.
Smart daylight setting.
Stylish and functional.
However, this is not a magic mirror.
You stay close and keep focus on the middle.
Get a comfortable clear vision.

Beinocci Mirror Features:
Color: Pearl White
Rotation Angle: 360°
Product Weight: 10.5oz
Frame Size: 8”
Frame Material: Durable ABS
Light Color: LED White Daylight
Operated: 4x AAA Batteries (not included) or USB cable
Package List:
1x Lighted Magnified Mirror
1x Stainless Steel Tweezers
1x User Manual
1x Exquisite Gift Box

Why choose us?
BEINOCCI 15x magnification Cordless & Plug in Natural led daylight Home elegant decor Easy-lock suction cup 360° adjustable swivel

How to use it?
Step 1: Install 4 AAA batteries or plug in the cable with an adapter.
Step 2: Install the suction cup on a flat and clean surface such as glass, porcelain, acrylic, or polished marble, and PRESS HARD.
Step 3: Twist clockwise to fix the mirror and twist counterclockwise to unlock the suction cup.
Step 4: Tap the sensor to turn on the mirror light and enjoy.

Very Important Tips:
✅Plucking your eyebrows with our bonus qualified tweezers, you will find it amazing!
✅You need to be very close to the mirror as close as possible when you use it because it is a strong 15X magnifying mirror. Otherwise, you will get a blurry image.

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