Life Isn't Perfect But Your Hair Can Be!


1 How do I use this brush?
Step 1: Dry and brush your hair.
Step 2: We recommend you to apply a heat protectant like Argan or coconut oil.
Step 3: Section your hair and put it deep into the inner area of the brush.
Step 4: Brush slowly in a pulling motion.

Will the hair straightener burn the scalp?
Asavea hair straighteners are created using quality DuPont plastic materials and a patented design that protects users from burning or scalding themselves. 

3 How long does it take to make my hair straight?
5- 10 minutes on average. The straightener utilizes a different and faster heating technology that heats more quickly than a conventional flat iron and thus gives you a fuller blown out look as opposed to the straight down look of a flat iron. 

How can I prevent the heat from damaging my hair?
Prior to straightening your hair, comb through your hair first. It is also recommended that you use a heat protectant like Argan or coconut oil prior to brushing to prevent dryness and frizz and heat damage. Also, for different hair types, you may select your desired temperature.

5 What should I do if the brush happens to be broken?
We offer you a 1 year warranty for the product! Feel free to contact us whenever you need!

6 Can I use it on my wet hair?
No. To the utmost extent avoid short circuit, we would suggest that you dry your hair before you straighten it.

7 How can I clean it?
With  a clean, damp cloth, wipe down all surfaces of the styling tool. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or tissue to  wipe away buildup on the inner area of the brush.