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October 07, 2017



Managing the hair with curls and waves has been made a lot easier with the introduction of ceramic flat iron more than two decades ago. There are different varieties of ceramic hair straighteners available in the market, making it difficult for the customer to select the best ceramic flat iron a difficult task.

Whether you need the hair iron for use in a salon or at home, you need the best one which provides even heating and which can retain the heat for a longer period. A ceramic iron does just that.

Ceramic provide a super smooth surface for the heating plate and will not damage the delicate strands of your hair. Ceramic is usually mixed with other materials to maintain the hardness and shape.

Avoid plain ceramic coated irons

One of the most important things to remember when you are looking for ceramic irons for hair straightening need is that you should avoid using the irons that come with ceramic coating instead of solid ceramic plates.

The ceramic coated irons have aluminum covered by a ceramic layer. This is the lowest quality iron you can get. They don’t get hot evenly and they can have dangerous hot spots which can burn your hair.

Though the ceramic coated straightener works well for a few years, then the coating starts to chip off. And this chipped plate can cause damage to your hair. It is better to opt for irons that have ceramic, mixed with titanium or tourmaline to make it last longer.


Right plate size

You need to select the ceramic flat iron with right plate size to match your hair type. Ceramic irons can heat up within 30 seconds and with the right sized plates, you can make the hair styling a simple task.

The best ceramic flat iron for people with short hair is the one with smaller plates of about 1-inch width. Irons with wider plates can give awesome results for long and thick hair. You can avoid running the iron over the same spot twice when you are using irons with the wider plate.

This will save the styling time required and also causes less damage to hair as it provides less heat exposure.


You can use the ceramic flat irons not only to straighten the hair, but you can also make curls and waves using them. Best ceramic flat iron for this purpose is the one with rounded edges. You can achieve multiple hair styles using these irons.

You need to avoid hair irons with flat or straight edges as it can cause bend or kinks on your hair. If you are looking for a sleek look then you should opt for the ceramic iron with round edges.

Temperature settings

The best ceramic flat irons are the ones with adjustable temperature option.

  • The high heat of the irons can be a problem for the hair health
  • The hair irons which are not hot enough will not give the perfect result
  • Irons with multiple temperature settings are the ideal option so that you can get the temperature according to your hair type
  • Thick curly hairs require high heat and thin hair require low heat for straightening

Though the irons can reach to temperatures ranging from 300-410 degrees F, it is better to use the hair irons at a temperature less than 350 degrees.



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