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Top Spring Summer 2017 Hair Trends To Make Your Friends Jealous!

April 20, 2017

Top Spring Summer 2017 Hair Trends To Make Your Friends Jealous!

We're sure loving this warmer weather here at AsaVea.  Time to brush out the cold, damp winter months and brush in the vibrancy and fun of summer. 

And there are some gorgeous hair trends in 2017 for you to try out on your locks. We've mined Pinterest to find the best of them for you!

Rose Gold

If you want to be on trend with your hair color in 2017, it's all about the rose gold. This is a great option for a soft, feminine look that will complement just about anything in your wardrobe. We've seen lots of Pinners pairing it with soft curls for a gorgeous girly look.


Blunt Lobs

It's understandable if you let your hair do its own thing during the colder months but now that summer is here, what a great excuse to take the scissors to your hair and give it a new lease of life. And what better way than with a sophisticated blunt lob to take out the dead weight and leave your hair looking lighter, slicker and totally cool!

Boy Cuts

Brave enough to go even shorter?  Well, why not consider the ultimate statement and go for a striking boy cut.  It's a bold move but if you get it right, it's well worth it!  The rule of thumb is to go for a cut that complements your features.  If you have an angular face, go for a soft boy cut.  If you have soft features, opt for a more angular cut.  

Curls, Curls, Curls

You've heard the expression "if you've got it, flaunt it".  Well, if any of you ladies are lucky enough to have curls, this applies doubly to you this season as curls are in.  And the bigger the better!  Of course, the wonders of hair technology mean that those of us with flat iron hair need not miss out.  Get a perm or dust off your curling tongs to do it yourself at home.  It's a look that definitely needs a bit more time, but the results pay for themselves.


When someone says hair embellishments, you immediately think 'wedding'.  But no, no, no chicas, there are so many exciting ways to dress up your hair ANY day of the year - although we all love a good wedding as an excuse to throw in some floral clips and tiaras! But the embellishments that are in right now are grunge and artistic pieces that will lift even the dullest hair and plainest outfit from "nice" to "oh yeah!"  We're loving the feather clips below.  Completer piece anyone?! 


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