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Thick Hair Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fuller Locks!

April 24, 2017

Thick Hair Tips: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fuller Locks!

Thick hair sure has it's advantages.  You don't need to worry about thin patches; you've got plenty of hair to work with - meaning you can be creative to the max and all that hair can work to awesome dramatic effect.

On the down side, it does require some effort to keep it looking good because what works to thick hair's advantage can also work to its disadvantage.  All that hair sure is eye-catching!  So you want to make sure that if people are noticing, they're noticing for the right reasons.

One of the issues people with thick hair have is stopping it from turning into a frizzy tangled mess - especially when they sleep at night.  But there is a quite frankly genius tip to help you wake up in the morning with flawless-looking hair - wear a silk turban to bed! 

Jade Viczko told Buzzfeed: "I bought a silk hair turban from Silke London that I put on every night before going to sleep. I have really thick hair and I always used to wake up with my hair in a tangled mess but now as soon as I slip it off in the morning I just run my fingers through my hair and it's perfect."

Thanks Jade! 

Some good products can also be well worth the investment to keep your thick hair looking less like a hot mess and more like a gorgeous shimmering mane! 

Especially well-worth investing in are good quality conditioning and treatment products to keep the shafts smooth and glossy.  Cosmopolitan recommends Moroccanoil Treatment to nourish and hydrate thick hair, as well as tame without leaving any residue.  It'll set you back $30-$40 a bottle so if that's a little over your budget, their other recommendation is Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle, which you can pick up in Target or Walgreens for just a few bucks.

A great money-saving treatment is avocado, according to Reader's Digest, which you can mash up with one egg and massage into your hair, leaving it in for around 20 minutes.

And it may set you back quite a bit, but a wise investment would be a good quality hair dryer to cut down your drying time.  If you have thick hair - and especially long thick hair - then this is a must.  Not only will it save you bags of time, the actual hair dryer is much lighter than cheaper pieces of kit, saving you significant arm strain, and it will make the drying process a gentler, more enjoyable experience, reducing your stress levels and getting your day off on the right foot. recommend the Cricket Centrix Alumilite Dryer at $130.  If that's out of your budget, be extra nice to your boyfriend or your parents and you might just be lucky enough to bag one next Christmas! 







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