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5 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Your Hair

May 01, 2017

5 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Your Hair

We all love a good beauty hack that isn't only friendly on the wallet but actually works. If you're into natural products, you've probably already dabbled with some coconut oil.  But have you tried olive oil? According to natural beauty lovers, it's a real steal. 

According to LiveStrong, olive oil is great for treating split ends and frizz, particularly in the dry winter months, by adding weight and moisture to the hair. 

Alternatively, it recommends mixing it with some honey to treat dry hair and dandruff, thanks to the moisturizing effect of the olive oil on the scalp while the honey's antimicrobial properties act as a natural cleanser.

Huffington Post explains that using olive oil can actually help to improve overall hair health because the thick compounds in oils act as plugs in the gaps found between cuticle cells, effectively preventing these gaps from becoming filled with chemical substances that can penetrate the follicles and leave the hair damaged.

The HuffPo also writes that olive oil may help in preventing hair loss by decreasing the production of DHT hormones, which contribute to the thinning of hair by causing the hair follicle shafts to narrow.  

SuperFoods said the use of olive oil could be effective in treating an inflamed scalp as researchers have discovered that freshly pressed, extra virgin olive oil contains a natural anti-inflammatory nutrient. 

It recommends massaging a small amount of olive oil from the scalp down to the tips of the hair and keeping the hair wrapped in a towel or shower cap for half an hour to give it time to penetrate the strands and follicles, before shampooing and conditioning as normal. 

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