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Head Massages - Do It Yourself to Condition Your Scalp and Accelerate Hair Growth

December 22, 2016

Head Massages - Do It Yourself to Condition Your Scalp and Accelerate Hair Growth

Head massages can do wondrous things and is not only limited to helping you get rid of headaches. It can help improve the condition of the scalp, help with dandruff and excessive hair dryness as well as significantly accelerate hair growth.

If you've not yet experienced head massages yet then there may not be much holding you back at this time except perhaps getting up and visitng the closest massage parlor. The results will surely amaze you!

The Benefits of Head Massages:

The benefits of head massages have been know to people since ancient times. Massage movements help improve blood circulation, speed up metabolism and start the sebaceous and sweat glands. This in turn positively affects the condition of the scalp and that in return affects the hair.

Any head massage is performed with medical or cosmetic purposes. Therapeutic massages can help do away headaches and cramps, drowsiness, anxiety, chronic fatigue and emotional instability. It can also enhance memory and stimulate mental activity. Some appliances can even stabilize blood pressure. It is important however that you get a therapeutic head massage from an experienced, qualified individual.

Head massages with cosmetic purposes is directed at improving the condition of the skin of the head, thereby managing to get rid of dandruff, excessive fat, dry hair and prevent hair loss and stimulate growth. In this case, one does not need a professional massage therapist to get a cosmetic head surgery.

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Do It Yourself - Head Massages 

Finger Massage
Use your fingers any time to perform a massage on yourself. Start from the top, gradually moving to the temples and parietal area, or from the forehead to the back of the head. The massage is done with fingertips and try avoiding your nails as much as possible.

First, stir gently, stroking, followed by gradually increasing the pressure and start massaging in circular motions. At the end we come back to stroking. 

Comb Massage
You probably do this one on a daily basis but it is certainly worth to mention. Daily brushing - it is also a kind of head massage. However it is better to perform this procedure using a comb made of wood or natural bristles. You can also level it up by getting a brush with magnets since they stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the hair and help get rid of headaches.

The massage comb is simple. You can comb your hair at least 5 dozens of times in the direction from the back of your head to the forehead, and then the same amount of time - in the opposite direction. Important point is to not pull on your hair too muchj, meaning don't try to tear apart the tangled knots.

Classical Massages

Classical Therapeutic Head Massage
This massage may seem simple to execute, but it nonetheless requires certain skills to implement so it is better to keep it to the professionals. The main area the massage is applied to is in the temples and the base of the skull. The massage is performed using the index and middle fingers applying gentle pressure. The therapist applies circular, slow movements gradually moving to the base area of ​​the skull. The entire procedure takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Indian Head Massage (Champi)
This massage technique has become very popular as of late. It allows not only to achieve an improvement of blood circulation of the scalp and total relaxation but also helps eliminate puffiness person, as well as providing a soft lifting effect.

The Champi massage technique includes the head, shoulders, upper back, face and neck. The procedure is performed in three stages.

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