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Hair Restoration: 5 Simple Recipes to Liven It Up

January 03, 2017

Hair Restoration: 5 Simple Recipes to Liven It Up

As many women know, it is not easy to maintain their hair in the modern world. It goes through daily torture via the hot hairdryer, regular poisoning because of the chemical dyes and malnutrition due to complicated diets. This has a toll on one's hair and most of the times it results in dry and lifeless hair.

If you feel you are tired of these executions, then here we offer you 5 simple recipes that will help restore your hair and bring it back to health without the aid of expensive salon procedures and professional care.

Use Vitamins in Capsules

Ideally, to saturate the hair with vitamins and minerals it is necessary to stick to a balanced diet including regular consumption of fish, nuts, cereals, lots of vegetables and fruits (especially pomegranate). If you have yet adhered to following a good nutrition, it will take more than one month, until the result of vitamin ingestion finally takes effect on your hair.

Much faster effect will manifest itself if you act from the outside. To do this, you need to buy vials of vitamins A, C, E, B1, B3, B6, B6 or PP and while shampooing add them to your shampoo or balm. You can use several different vials, but consider that vitamin C can not be combined with vitamins B, B1 and does not fit well with vitamins B2, B3, B6 and B12. To quickly stop hair loss, it is recommended to use the vitamins B6 and B12 in tandem.

Hair Restoration: Braid Hair At Night

There is a myth that says that if you braid your hair for the night, it will grow faster. This is really a myth. But as for maintaining healthy curls, braiding your hair for the night is a powerful prophylactic against damage and electrification of the hair. The strands in braids are not subjected to friction, they are less messy and and it makes it easier to comb it during the morning.

It is important however that you braid your hair correctly, otherwise you will only worsen the the situation.  

Do Not Pity Split Tips

It is not necessary to hope that posechёnnye (split) hair tips will magically stick together if they do not shear off for a long time. Hair equals dead tissue so it can not be regenerated. If the tips have already split, the only way out is to cut it otherwise the split's tear will worsen and as a result, you will need to shorten the strand for not just a couple of centimeters, but much more.

Of course, today there are magical procedures such as keratin keraplastika or alignment, which allows the split ends to be glued together. However, these procedures are not cheap and are temporary after which the hair will re-acquire the initial appearance. Therefore, if you have posechёnnye tips, get rid of them as soon as possible with them with sharp barber scissors.

Hair Restoration: How to Treat Your Hair

Following these rules will help your hair perk up and help it become visually healthier.

- Do not comb your hair while they are wet.
- Choose a shampoo that corresponds to your type of hair.
- Use sprays to facilitate combing.
- Wear a headdress in the cold and extreme heat.
- Periodically, get head massages.
- For shampooing use the running water at a temperature as close as possible to body temperature (36-37 degrees).
- Do not overuse hair dryer and irons. Try to dry hair naturally.
- Try not to dye your hair more than once a month.
Homemade Hair Masks

Use hair masks for hair restoration. A mixture of the following - honey, yogurt, egg yolk, avocado, castor or burdock oil - is the best weapon keep your hair healthy. For a brighter effect, these ingredients can be combined with essential oils, vitamins in capsules or alcohol tincture of herbs. In general, the choice depends on your hair type and availability of ingredients needed in the refrigerator.

After the first use of the hair mask, your hair will look much healthier. But to secure the effect, it is necessary to carry out such a complex procedure - 2 times a week for 1-2 months. Masks usually have to endure on the hair for 45-60 minutes. It is desirable regularly to change the composition of masks, since the hair quickly becomes accustomed to the action of the same ingredients, and is may not react to them as much.

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