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Hair Masks You Can Make At Home

April 29, 2017

Hair Masks You Can Make At Home

Who doesn't love a night in with a face mask on?!  Next time you're settling down to some Netflix with your favorite face mask on, why not treat your hair to the same pampering with a great home-made mask.

Aside from being great for your hair, the great thing about home-made masks is that they are very easy on your purse, aren't chock full of questionable chemicals, and can be easily thrown together when you're hair's in need of a natural pick-me-up.

For a home-made hair mask that's great for all hair types (perfect if you're doing it together with your besties!), grab a few eggs and use them raw.  Womans Day's tip is to use the whole egg for normal hair and just the egg yolks if your hair is dry and brittle and in need of moisturizing. 

Lucy Aitken Read at Cosmopolitan agrees that eggs are a great ingredient for a home-made hair mask.  She explains the benefits: “Eggs work as a cleaning agent because of the lecithin they contain, and it can produce healthier tresses due to their high volume of protein. Essentially an egg is nature’s two in one shampoo and conditioner.”

If you're hair is prone to being oily, BuzzFeed recommends a home-made mask made from apple cider vinegar, a juiced lemon and some honey, while ladies with frizzy hair can try mixing banana with some plain yogurt and honey. 

Natural beauty expert Janice Cox told Woman’s Day writes that a lemon juice and olive oil hair treatment is also good for treating an itchy, flaky scalp.  

“The acidity in lemon juice helps rid your scalp of any loose, dry flakes of skin, while the olive oil moisturizes the [newly exposed] skin on your head,” she says.

If you have curly hair, CurlsAndBeauty recommends using bananas to loosen up curls and make them more manageable, and avocado to soften, moisturize and boost the shine in your hair. 

Happy masking ladies! 

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