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5 Ways To Get Shiny Hair

April 25, 2017

5 Ways To Get Shiny Hair

We all dream of having hair like we see in the adverts: full of health, vitality, bounce and that all important shine.  

But achieving that same level of shine as the digitally enhanced images on TV and magazine commercials is a tall order in real life, no matter what products we use.

And most of us are not lucky enough to have the personal stylists at our disposal that all the top models and A-list celebs have. 

So is there any hope for us normal people?  The answer is yes, but of course it will require some effort - and sometimes financial investment.  

First off, Marie Claire shares some important advice with people who have damaged hair and that is: treat it.  

"Improving its condition is the only way to make it look shinier," the magazine says of damaged hair. 

Its recommendation is to apply leave-in conditioner to damaged areas when your hair is damp, and invest in a good quality deep-conditioning treatment that you should use once a week. 

InStyle also has some great advice if you're looking to build up your hair's shine. Interestingly, it cautions that the high shine products you might naturally reach for could in fact be less effective. 

"Dousing hair with shine products that contain mica can rough up the hair shaft and work against your natural gleam. Instead, look for gloss-boosting ingredients like argan oil, found in Josie Maran's argan oil hair serum ($30;, that also condition hair," the magazine writes.

Any egg lovers out there?  Egg is a great source of the nutrients your hair needs to be gorgeous and healthy, like protein, biotin and lecithin, so next time you're enjoying a salad why not add some slices of boiled egg.  Or you can even apply an egg-based treatment directly to your hair. Find a great recipe here

If you can stand it, celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa recommends a cool rinse in the shower, even if it's just for five seconds. explains, "Heat splinters the cuticle, resulting in an uneven, unbrilliant surface."

And while we all love a bit of sun, hair stylists generally recommend keeping your hair out of the sun because too much sun makes the hair brittle.  So wear a hat or if that's not your style, try using hair products with UV protectors.




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