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5 Beauty Products You Can Make At Home Using Your Mother's Day Roses

May 11, 2017

5 Beauty Products You Can Make At Home Using Your Mother's Day Roses

If you're a mom chances are you're going to get a beautiful bunch of roses this Mother's Day.  Even if you're not a mom, you may have the opportunity to steal the ones you give to your own mom (after they're dead and headed for the compost of course!) or you could just use these wonderful beauty hacks as the perfect excuse to go out and treat yourself to some beautiful roses.  

It's always great to receive a bunch of roses but also a little sad when the once vibrant petals start to wilt and lose their gorgeous color. 

Well, there is something you can do to give them a new lease of life and that's transform them into a beautiful homemade beauty product.  

Happiness Is Home Made has a really simple recipe for turning your dried out rose petals into a wonderful sugar scrub that would be worthy of any spa.  You do need a food processor for this one to break down the petals into tiny pieces, but apart from that the only other ingredients you need is sugar, coconut oil and few drops of your favorite essential oil. Their recommendation is lavender, lemon and vanilla.

HelloGlow has a wonderful little recipe for a face scrub that uses dried rose petals, dried chamomile, oats, honey and a mild oil like jojoba or olive oil. Their tip is to use a coffee grinder to get the rose petals nice and small and their very handy tip is to go and buy some dried flowers at Whole Foods if you don't happen to have a bunch of roses drying out at home. has a great recipe for making a rose petal face mask that is especially good if you don't happen to own a blender or coffee grinder as the rose petals just need to be soaked in water for 3 hours before being mashed with the back of a spoon.  Then they can be mixed with honey, rose essential oil, almond oil and wheat flour.  Get the full instructions here.

Multicultural Beauty recommends making a beautiful bath using rose petals mixed together with mint and lemon juice to remove excess oil from skin.  Alternatively you can make a wonderful rose and lavender bath by combining the rose petals and fresh lavender in a muslin bag.  It also has some really simple, no blender needed recipes for rose petal face masks that use yogurt or honey as their main ingredients.  Get all their tips here.

iBuzzle has a nice little recipe that uses rose petals in a homemade shampoo for dry hair. Simply mix with coconut milk, coconut oil, castile soap flakes and rose oil.  Get the full recipe here.


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